Event Services

Looking to put on an event, but don’t have a dedicated events manager? To truly put on a successful event, you need to know financing, food and beverage coordination, speaker management, sponsor recruitment and coordination, A/V and technical production, as well as ensuring you are sticking with your brand with all of your designs. Or just know someone who knows all of the aspects of events…

Full Service Management

We can help with all aspects of your event, from A/V to vendor recruitment/coordination. We will handle your event from start to post-finish – from brainstorm to survey. This will include consultation on the idea behind the event, the branding and design, recruiting speakers, promotion to get tickets sold, managing the tradeshow section, technical production, coordination day of on-site, and attendee/sponsor follow-up. Don’t need the A to V’s? We can work with you to customize the services that you need.

Event Consultation

Running an event, but looking for advice on how to be successful? We can be the voice in your ear. This can happen throughout your event planning process. Let us know what aspect of the event you are concerned about and we can create a plan for how to proceed.

Marketing and Promotion

If you put on an awesome event, but no one comes – will it still be awesome? If you don’t want to find out, you need a promotion plan for your event. We can create the plan, schedule, and messaging for marketing your event. We work with the BISQUICK method – Butts In Seats QUICK. It is never too early to start promoting your event.

Trade Show Management

Looking to have a tradeshow aspect to your event? When done right a tradeshow can bring attendees and vendors together to have valuable conversations. When not properly thought-through, planned, and executed – this portion of the event can be an eye-sore. We create exhibit halls that are well attended by guests of your event.

A/V and Technical Production

Bad A/V is a sure-fire way to ensure people won’t be talking about the content of your event, but the inability to hear your event. Without a technical background, you will end up either paying way too much or having bad A/V. When there is so much that can go wrong, you want to know you have the right person behind the controls.

On-site Coordination

Day of your event, you should be enjoying it. The last thing you want to worry about is whether the speakers are on time, if the projector is working, if the food is on time and in the right place, if your vendors have have the correct power access they need, etc. We are there to make sure you get the full experience at your event without the stress.

Branding and Design

Because you know we’re all about that brand, about that brand, no clip art. But seriously, the messaging and design of all messages about the event need to be consistent and match with the guidelines. Don’t have guidelines? We can create them for you to ensure everyone is on the same page. We can coordinate with multiples teams to determine the brand and explain the guidelines.

Speaker Recruitment

You want people to walk away from your event talking about the content. That involves putting the right speaker in front of the right audience takes a lot of understanding, planning, negotiation, and coordination. We already have a network of speakers that we have worked with in the past and a understanding of how to reach out to potential speakers. Part of the BISQUICK (Butts In Seats QUICK) method is having the right speakers in the right order.

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