What to do Once On-Site

While planning for your actual event, you should also be planning for the prep day or morning that will occur on-site. Think about what needs to get done when you actually get to the venue. Once you get on-site, there is no more time for planning, it’s time for action.

You will want to have a meeting with your venue coordination team – in this meeting, you should go over in detail everything that will happen, when, and where. Also, talk with the venue team about the course of action that needs to be taken once something goes wrong. Who is your go-to person? And how will you contact them?

Another aspect of prep day to prepare for is what your core team (check back for a blog post about how to create your core team) will be doing once they get to the venue? Everyone should have a job to do once they get there. And of course, be sure to clearly communicate your expectations to your team.

We have a dedicated core team of volunteers that help plan, set up and run the High Five Conference.

We have a dedicated core team of volunteers that help plan, set up and run the High Five Conference.

It’s also a good idea to give yourself time to walk through the venue on your own that day. Before people start asking you questions and bringing you issues that have popped up, take a moment to yourself.

During all of this, remember to always be thinking about all of your different audiences’ perspectives. How will your attendees interact with the event? What about your speakers? Your sponsors? Your core team? It can be helpful to have someone not on your core team walk through the event to give you new insights.

There is no other experience quite like the day of your event. We get a total adrenaline rush from it. That day or days it is time to make shit happen. All of your months of planning, the meetings, the phone calls, etc. all pay off and come to life during the event.

We would love to hear about the first thing that you do once you get to an event venue – feel free to post about it in the comments.


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