It’s the Little Things That Matter

It’s the details that matter. Imagine you have an insightful keynote, but there weren’t enough seats, the room was too dark to see, the backdrop was distracting, and the list could go on and on. Your efforts and money spent on the keynote would be wasted as it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for just one negative experience.

We had a person outside our core team walk through the registration process to see where our gaps were.

We had a person outside our core team walk through the registration process to see where our gaps were.

Without paying attention to the details, the event does not come together. Some are things you wouldn’t even think about if you weren’t an event planner. And people may not notice when things are going right, because we expect an event to go smoothly. But you can bet they’ll notice and remember when things go wrong. They may even share it.

When all the little details combine, they create an experience. And you have the chance to make that experience not only good, but unforgettable. Don’t aim for just getting it done, because then you won’t be remembered. But instead, if you surprise and delight your audiences, they will do your marketing for you.

Stan Phelps is the owner of 9 Inch Marketing and an international speaker. His focus is on customer service and going above and beyond to create memorable customer experiences. He talks about a concept known as lagniappe – something extra. Stan advises that a company should always looking for ways that they can give that little something extra to your customers.

In the post about What to do Once On-Site, we talked about having an outsider walk through your event. You should also have an outsider walk through your registration process. It is hard to see where customers might get tripped up, when you are too close to the work. And an extra set of eyes can always help.

Taking the time to make sure everything goes smoothly for your customers will be worth it in the end. Then look to those details to find a way to surprise them. Your customers will reward you for it.

Here at Attended, we live for the details.

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