Finding Creativity in Exhibits

Why should your attendees visit your exhibitors? This is the question you have to think about when you first start looking for exhibitors. With all aspects of the event, you have to ensure you are providing value to all involved – your exhibitors are no exception. How will you accomplish this when it comes to exhibitors?

Before talking to prospective exhibitors, you have to think – what is in it for them? Determine how your exhibit space will look. How are you going to break away from the dreaded skirted tablecloths?

When the core team was planning for the second High Five Conference, we knew we needed help with our Exhibit Hall. But we knew just who to go to – Jake and the team at Zig Zibit. They are an exhibits company that took our space to the next level.

Zig Zibit Concept

This is how you do an exhibit.

When recruiting exhibitors, remember that these companies should fit with both the brand and the goal of the event. Who do your exhibitors want to get in front of? Does this match your target audience for the event? Think of who your target audience is with the event and look for companies with similar customers.

Once you find your exhibitors, you have to work on the actual exhibit. The majority of this is left up to the company. But you would be remiss to not be involved in this aspect as well. Take the time to help your exhibitors brainstorm something that will draw attendees into their exhibit.

The Exhibit portion of your event is no exemption to our rule of Educate, Entertain, and Inspire. This is where you need to work with your sponsors to think outside the box. You don’t want to have the same old lame exhibit hall (we’ve all been there – so let’s not go there again).

Don’t just create another exhibit space!

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