Ensure Your Promotional Products Don’t Suck

Ever gone to an event and at the registration table got handed a bag filled with branded products that you had no use for? I typically take those products home and give it to my husband (who is very good at collecting crap). There is no more thought to what company created the product or why they decided a stress reliever in various shapes would help to build the brand.

So when the core team first started planning the first-ever High Five Conference, they knew just who to turn to for memorable promotional products. Danny Rosin and the team at Brand Fuel were the perfect choice. Not only do they know what they are doing, but they are passionate about their work.

Danny told us the only way they would be involved was if there were no conference bags. This fit perfectly with the High Five brand of not just another conference. Without a bag, we had to think about out attendees and how they would carry the promotional products that we gave them – cue the swag check.

Our High Five branded promotional products are still in use today.

Our High Five branded promotional products are still in use today.

Same as everything else that you do, you have to ensure the promotional products you are using fits with your brand. Everything that you do either builds upon or detracts from your brand. Therefore, you want to make sure that your promotional product relates back to your brand.

The other side of promotional products is the product’s usefulness. If you use a promotional product that fits with your brand, but no one uses, then how will it build your brand? The best is an item that attendees can not only use, but one that they will want to share as well.

It is great to spot your promotional products being used by your attendees after the event. I love spotting the High Five notebooks around Raleigh, I have seen them in person and in photos.

Again it goes back to providing value to all parties involved in your event. Will your attendees find value in this item? And at the same time, will this item build not only the sponsor’s brand, but also the brand of the event.

What can you use that can be branded and useful?

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