Conference A/V Run-of-Show Template

Whether you call it a cue sheet, a run-of-show or a production schedule, any large event with multiple A/V technicians needs a run of show document. Preparing this document in advance has several benefits for you as an event planner. First, you’re able to think through the exact order of the program and can identify any gaps in content. For instance, have you thought about what will be on the video screens before the event starts? What about how you’ll gain the audience’s attention to begin the show? Or what music will play before things kick off? By stepping through the program in advance, you’ll be able to identify easily these common omissions.

The second benefit of having a written run-of-show document is communication with your team members and vendors. Sharing this document in advance can ensure everyone is on the same page. More importantly, your A/V vendors can review your plans and make sure they have the appropriate equipment and technical staff to pull off your event. This will help you avoid issues related to timing. For instance, you may not have ordered enough microphones for the number of speakers you have and how quickly they’ll be entering and exiting the stage.

Finally, a written run-of-show document will provide the cues your technical team needs to make the production run smoothly. By giving the team a line-by-line list of cues and actions they’ll be able to do their jobs without constant input from you, the event planner. After all, there are plenty of other things you’ll need to be thinking about!

At Attended, we don’t mess around with A/V. We love to work with some of the best technicians in the business, and we give them the tools to succeed, like a detailed run-of-show document. As our gift to you, we’ve made our Word template available for subscribers to our email list. Sign up and download your copy today.

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  1. Great stuff! Goes hand in hand with, “Plan your work, and then work your plan.”

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